Courses related to welding Inspection and QA/QC.

This course will address the three parts of the Body of Knowledge indicated in the AWS Standard B5.1. These include Fundamentals, Practical Inspection, and Code Book usage. 

 Though much of the training will take place in a “classroom” setting, the training will require participation by individuals in an active learning environment. The course will be broken up into sessions of 3 to 4 hours meeting 2 nights a week for a total of 100 hours of interaction.

Study of topics prior to class will be essential to assure that time spent in the group maximizes the reinforcement of topics. The primary focus during classroom time will be on discussion, interaction, and application of information studied prior to class. Students will be encouraged to share information and challenge the instructor. 

This course is intended to help individuals that are welding to become comfortable interpreting drawings to the point of having the ability to know, based upon a drawing,, the following requirements...

  • What material is to be welded 
  • Where the weld goes
  • How the joint is to be prepared
  • Required dimensions of the finished weld
  • Any additional requirements related to a weld  as detailed in notes, welding symbols,or auxiliary views. 

This section is for discussing actual practices used during welder testing and includes activities that may help you develop your own facility.