This course is for training to allow remote qualifiers/test supervisors that are current AWS CWIs to perform testing of welders in accordance with the AWS Certified Welder Program as implemented by the Greene Technology Center in Greeneville TN. 

This course is intended to help welding instructors gain the knowledge needed to perform welder qualification testing in a professional, consistent, and code compliant manner. The focus of this course will be AWS D1.1 with a brief review of AWS B2.1 and the AWS Book of Specification Requirements.  The Topics in the course are below.

  1. Introduction
  2. Before Testing
  3. The Testing Process
  4. Inspection and Documentation
  5. AWS B2.1 Info
  6. AWS BoS Clause 6 Info
  7. Creating a Written Program

This online resource is intended to be used in conjunction with face to face meetings and online meetings for welding inspection training. Some participants may be registered to observe the content only.

This course will address Fundamentals, Using AWS D1.1, and Understanding and Application of the AWS Book of Specifications.

This course contains a few resources that may be of help for those studying for the AWS CWI exam or just wanting to exercise their head about welding and inspection related topics. I allow people to check it out and use the materials as requested but this is NOT a replacement course for any of the commercial resources that are out there from AWS, Atlas API or many others. 

As of this writing, this course will stop functioning on the 28th of January for most free participants.